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Discover the Secret to a Successful Digital Project

Imagine you are building a house. How would you start? You’d probably take some time to think about the features you want — how many rooms will you need, what’s your dream kitchen look like? Then you’d work with an architect to produce the blueprints for your dream home and hire contractors to help make it a reality.

That process from ideas to blueprints is called the discovery phase in digital projects. Trying to build a website without a discovery phase is like trying to build a house by hammering random pieces of lumber together. You’re not going to be happy with the results.

I want you to be happy with your website, so I always take time at the beginning of a project to work with you and think strategically about the desired outcomes for the project.  What are you really trying to accomplish? How does this project help grow your business? What does WILD SUCCESS look like? This is the time for crazy ideas!

Time spent planning at the start of a project is time saved in its later stages.

The discovery phase is probably the most underappreciated, and most difficult part of a project. Meetings and brainstorming sessions can feel like wasted time, but without a clear definition of success all you can possibly do is fail. Taking the time at the outset of a project to establish your business goals and priorities sets up the decision-making criteria that will guide the design and development choices for the rest of the project life-cycle.

Time spent planning at the start of a project is time saved in its later stages. More importantly, defining your priorities and long-term goals early on makes it more likely you’ll end up with a product that fits your current business needs, while providing a solid foundation on which to grow into your wildest dreams.

I know budgets are tight and the project needs to be done yesterday, but a solid discovery phase is an investment you can’t afford to skip. Once we’ve gathered all your requirements and  priorities for the project, I can work with you to fit as many of them as possible in your budget and timeline while ensuring that the final product has room to grow into the features we can’t fit in yet.

Looking for someone to guide you through the discovery phase? Contact me for availability!

And, yes, priorities change. Flexibility is a requirement and the most successful projects are built to be sturdy enough to pivot with your business. The discovery phase probably sounds like a lot of work — it is. A trusted digital consultant can help you clarify your goals and sort through your priorities so your digital assets help your business become everything you want it to be.

The discovery phase is a vital part of any digital project. It’s also my favorite phase.